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Drennan Knockout Cup 2016

The Drennan Knockout Cup offers anglers the opportunity to showcase their credentials across a range of different venues and to progress to the final involves executing many disciplines of the sport.

Round one, held at Tunnel Barn Farm, cut the initial competition down; starting with 140 anglers, just 60 progressed through to the second round of the competition.

Due to the nature of the competition the line-up is full of the biggest names in match fishing; it was therefore inevitable that some of the big hitters found themselves taking an early bath from the competition – Jamie Hughes, Rob Wootton and Neil McKinnon to name but a few.

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Striper 230 Walk-around by Jim Hendricks

Compact Boat with a Big Cabin for Overnight Fishing Adventures

Pre-dawn darkness still shrouded the docks in Southern California’s Huntington Harbour, where I met Capt. Joe Oliver and first mate Nick Jones in late August for my Fish Trial of the new Striper 230 Walkaround.

Under the glow of an aft spreader light, we loaded up rods and tackle and stowed drinks and our provisions in the built-in cooler abaft the port pedestal chair. Oliver put the Yamaha F200 in gear and we headed out.


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