For a classic, yet modern look, opt for chunky gold jewelry. This trend is becoming more popular thanks to the revival of ’90s and ’00s fashion. Many fashion bloggers are sporting chunky gold necklaces, chains and bangles. This type of jewelry is heavier than delicate chains and is best worn as a statement necklace.

A good way to get started with trendy gold jewelry by PWD is to buy a piece from a reputable brand. Many direct-to-consumer jewelry brands are minimalist and feature minimal designs, so if you’re looking for something more colorful, try investing in a necklace with a pendant or a chunky gold chain.

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Another great option is rose gold jewelry. This metal tone has a pink tint, which lends a refreshing feeling to your outfits. Rose gold earrings can be small studs or modern climbers, or they can be delicate, diamond-accented hoop earrings. These pieces will make you stand out in a sea of yellow and silver gold.

A great place to find stylish gold jewelry is at Aurate. This New York-based company designs and sells its own line of jewelry. These pieces are crafted from 18k or 14k gold, and are made with sustainable, ethically sourced materials. Aurate has four retail stores in New York, so customers can try them on for free and keep what they like.

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