congress vs senate

The debate process in the House is usually more structured, allowing members of the majority party to speak only for a limited amount of time and allowing only limited amendments. By contrast, the debate process in the Senate is generally more open and allows members of both parties to discuss any topic of their choice. The Senate is also more likely to avoid a stalemate in important matters of legislation, allowing the majority party to work with the minority party.

A congress is a meeting of delegates, which may be held by a political party, a labor union, or any other discipline. It is referred to by different names in different countries, such as assembly in Asia, or congress in the United States. In the US, congress refers to both the house and the senate of the government. The purpose of a congress is to pass laws or to pass resolutions.

The House and the Senate have different roles in the government. The House carries out legislative functions, and the Senate advises the House on issues. The Senate is a more deliberate body, and it has more powers than the House. Its role is to check the executive branch, advising on matters of national security. It also holds the power of impeachment.

The House of Representatives and the Senate are the two branches of the US Congress. The House is the lower house of government, while the Senate is the upper house and represents individual states. While the House is elected directly by the people of the USA, the Senate has greater powers than the House. For example, the Senate has the authority to approve international treaties. The Senate also has the power to make laws.

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