Hardwood floors are durable and hypoallergenic, which means they’re a great investment. However, the weight of a person sitting on a chair can be damaging. The best way to protect your hardwood floor is by investing in casters designed for the job.

How do I keep my casters from falling out?

There are three main types of casters to consider. These include hard casters, soft casters, and dual casters. All of these will have a role to play in keeping your floor looking great. Source : https://www.castercity.com/furniture-casters-hardwood-floors/

Hard casters are a good choice for carpeted areas. They can distribute the weight of a person more efficiently than a standard rubber or plastic caster. Their large wheels can also help reduce the wear and tear on your carpet.

Hard plastic and nylon casters can be dangerous on wood floors. Their slippery wheels can also slide on the floor and cause scuffs. When it comes to the best hardwood floor chair casters, opt for a non-marking rubber or polyurethane wheel.

A dual wheel caster design is also helpful, especially when you are using the same caster on both carpet and hardwood. This will help keep your furniture from sliding around when you’re not watching. It is also a better idea to use a soft caster on a hard surface.

You should also consider getting a good quality chair pad. Furniture pads are made from cork or rubber and are designed to raise the furniture off the floor. Although these are not the most stylish option, they will save your hardwood floor from damage.

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