Heavy duty furniture casters are a great way to improve the mobility of your furniture. They protect floors and are easy to clean. These casters are also easy to install and make moving your furniture around easier.

Do fixed casters go on front or back?

You can purchase heavy duty casters that are made of nylon, aluminum, steel or phenolic. Some of these wheels are even crafted with a swivel feature to help your chair roll smoothly.

If you have a floor that isn’t smooth, you might want to look for a different type of caster. You can use a cup caster, which mounts inside the leg of your furniture. This type of caster will support the leg in a sturdy cup.

Another option is a plate caster, which fits inside your furniture. You can find a wide variety of designs and sizes of these casters. There are also stem casters, which are mounted to the bottom of your equipment.

These casters can increase your work efficiency. Their large wheels allow for easy rolling and movement. Plus, you can easily remove and replace your furniture.

Heavy duty casters can be used for a variety of applications, including mobile workbenches, concrete mixers, drill presses, and more. Heavy-duty casters provide better support than standard flanged wheels.

Heavy duty casters have a wider wheel diameter than light-duty casters, which can increase the weight capacity of your furniture. But beware: you can also damage floors if you buy a forged steel caster.

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