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Laundry Services That Save You Time

Whether you live in an apartment or own your own home, washing laundry can be a headache. Using your washer and dryer can consume a lot of water, energy, and space, and it’s hard to find the time to do it all yourself.

That’s why many people turn to best laundry services to help get their clothes clean without having to do it themselves. These companies can pick up, wash, and deliver your dirty clothes at a convenient time for you and will often do it for free.

Some laundry pickup services even offer additional services, including mending, leather cleaning, shoe cleaning and repair, wedding dress preservation, and alterations. They also offer eco-friendly dry cleaning services, making them a good option for anyone looking to do their part for the environment.

What Makes a Laundry Service the Best: Tips for Choosing the Right One for You

Y-Combinator backed Cleanly is the latest in laundry valet services, picking up your laundry and dropping it off at a convenient time for you. You set a route on the company’s mobile app and your clothes are picked up and dropped off as soon as you want them.

They also offer a rush laundry delivery service for an extra $5 if you need your clothes cleaned fast. They have a variety of pricing options, including per bag and per pound, so you should be able to find a deal that works for you.

Tide’s Loads of Hope program has been a hit, accepting clothing donations for charity and offering front-line workers free laundry. They’ve partnered with charities across the city to make laundry services more accessible for those who need them most.

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