How to Make a Tote Bag Waterproof

How to Make a Tote Bag Waterproof

A How to Make a Tote Bag Waterproof accessory for a day at the beach, a hike or just for everyday use is a waterproof tote bag. A tote bag is easy to sew and is the perfect size for carrying all your essentials. This free pattern and tutorial from the sewing expert at Sew Can Do shows you how to make your very own wonderfully waterproof tote bag.

Start with a Clean Canvas

Before you can begin your project, it’s necessary to clean the canvas of your tote bag. First, if possible, remove any possessions from the tote and treat any large stains with a spot stain remover. Next, gently wash the bag in lukewarm water. You can also wash your tote in the washing machine with cold water if it’s safe for that type of fabric (check the care instructions on your fabric). If you choose to hand-wash your tote, be sure to let it air dry to prevent shrinkage.

DIY Guide: Making Your Tote Bag Waterproof and Ready for Any Situation

If you prefer to work with a spray or solution, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the treatment. Once the fabric has been treated, allow it to fully dry, which may take several hours or overnight. After the fabric is completely dry, you’re ready to cut out your pattern pieces and get to sewing.

Laminated fabrics, sometimes referred to as oilcloth or oilskin, are easy to find in a variety of colors and patterns at most fabric or craft stores. These fabrics are typically made of a layer of printed cotton with a PU (polyurethane) coating on top. Waxed canvas is another durable, waterproof option that you can purchase at most fabric or craft stores.

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