lifting shoes

When it comes to gear you’ll see at the gym, lifting shoes are usually overlooked. But if you’re serious about ryderwear shoes , they could be an essential piece of equipment. These special shoes have a raised heel and a firm bottom that allow lifters to feel the floor more, helping them stay stable during the power based movements such as squats and clean and jerks. The extra stability also allows the lifter to transfer more force into the ground, potentially increasing their strength. If you’re not a competitive lifter, however, there’s no reason to invest in these shoes. Regular sneakers with a foam or rubber base and a firm flat sole are just as good for most of these movements, and often cheaper (e.g. Chuck Taylors, Reebok Nano, other zero drop training shoes).

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Pair for Strength Training

That said, if you’re going to be doing full versions of these Olympic movements, they can help you achieve greater depth in your squat and keep your hips squared up during the power movement. They can also make it easier to catch weights in movements like snatches and clean and jerks. They won’t, however, magically turn you into a pro lifter—instead, they’ll help you master proper techniques and improve your performance over time. They’re also great for adding some extra stability when doing HIIT, Orangetheory or CrossFit-style exercises that require a lot of jumping and box jumps. They might feel a little unstable, but that’s a tradeoff for safety and stability.

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