Psychedelics online are psychoactive substances that alter the brain and affect a person’s mood, thoughts, and perceptions. They have been used for thousands of years by ancient societies throughout the world, but rigorous scientific research into their effects did not begin until the mid-1900s. This psychedelic renaissance has been met with excitement and hope, especially among people suffering from mental health conditions like depression and PTSD. However, many of these individuals are unable to access psychedelic therapy through medical settings. Instead, they risk their health by taking psychedelics illegally or at non-medical retreats in places such as Peru and the Netherlands.

The forum discussion coded as recreational discourse includes posts that are answer-seeking or advice-giving based on first or second-hand experience of using psychedelics. Posts in this category are characterized by a lack of normative differentiation and references to research, theories, or specific beliefs about psychedelics, and often involve the use of other pleasure-seeking drugs such as cannabis or meth. In addition, some users rely on this discourse to justify their recreational use of psychedelics by characterizing negative experiences (bad trips) as necessary parts of the drug experience.

The Benefits of Buying Mushrooms Online for Culinary Enthusiasts

In contrast, forum users that drew upon therapeutic or scientific discourses typically rejected spiritual beliefs about psychedelics. The following quote from a reply to a question about whether psilocybin mushrooms can be mixed with alcohol illustrates this point. The replied user argues that mixing mushrooms with alcohol is “like pissing the spirit of the mushroom in the face.” In other words, it detracts from the positive experiences that are to be expected from this drug.

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