As you age, your natural collagen production begins to dwindle. While you can’t stop this from happening, microneedling allen can help restore the youthful appearance of your skin.Source :

How long does 1 session of microneedling last?

During a microneedling session, a specialized device with a needle tip is rolled across the skin. The minuscule holes created by the needles stimulate the body’s innate healing response. The derma, the deeper layer of your skin, sends nutrients to the area to compensate for the “physical trauma.” This in turn prompts the body to produce more skin-fortifying collagen. The new collagen reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes skin tone and texture, and heals scars.

The results from a microneedling treatment appear relatively quickly. While the treatment may make your skin irritated and red, this is normal and a sign that the body is working hard to heal. You can resume your makeup routine two to three days after your treatment, but you should avoid exfoliating until the skin is fully healed. You should also avoid any activities that may cause excessive sweating.

To improve the outcome of your microneedling treatment, Dr. Allen Sapadin offers a range of skin-boosting add-on solutions, such as the Growth Factor Serum that helps speed up healing, decrease inflammation and amplify results. You can also combine your microneedling treatment with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to accelerate the growth of new tissue.

To learn more about this rejuvenating treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sapadin at the office of dermatology in Hackensack, NJ. Call us or use our online scheduling feature to request your appointment today!

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