Buying property is one of the most significant financial transactions you’ll make. So why not engage a professional to support you and level the playing field?

Unlike real estate agents, who sell Property Buyer Agents Melbourne on behalf of the seller, Buyers Agents and Property Advocates act solely for you, the buyer. They have the skills and experience to recognise an agent’s priorities and motives – and to negotiate on your behalf. They also know a suburb’s values and market history, and are skilled at managing the process of purchase.

Jim Clark is an accredited Buyer’s Agent and Advocate, specialising in Melbourne. He assists first home buyers, family buyers and investors. He uses his knowledge of the market, his network and relationships to get a better price for his clients.

Your Melbourne Property Partner: Exploring the Role of Buyers Agents

Cate Bakos Property is a team of fully licensed buyer’s agents and property investment advisors who can assist you with home acquisition, SMSF property acquisition and expert advice on the best strategy for your property investments. They service all metro Melbourne suburbs and are also experienced in rural areas such as Geelong. They offer a range of services and fee structures including a flat fee.

A qualified Buyers Agent can help you save time, money and stress when purchasing a property in Australia. These professionals have years of experience and can provide you with a range of services, from comprehensive searches and auction bidding to single property reports. They also have great networks of local real estate agents, which means they can access property sales that aren’t listed yet.

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