Taking an African safari hunts trip is a once in a lifetime experience. However, planning one is not cheap. Luckily, outfitters that specialize in putting together cheap african hunting safari packages can help hunters make their dream hunt a reality. They have access to first rate hunting camps and lodges, experienced PH’s and top trackers. This makes their job easier and allows them to focus on providing you with an affordable african safari hunt.

Embark on an African Adventure: African Safari Hunting Trips

This budget option opens African hunting to all hunters from around the world and breaks down financial barriers that would otherwise prevent you from achieving your african safari hunting dreams. This 7-day package is designed to help you pursue a variety of trophies at an affordable price. It includes the trophy fee for a cape buffalo bull and a sable. In addition, you have the opportunity to add other trophies at regular listed trophy fees.

You will be accommodated in a first class hunting camp or lodge that is fully equipped with all modern amenities. You will be provided with delicious meals accompanied by fine South African wines. At the end of each day you will enjoy a sundowner around a fire pit to discuss the day’s activities and talk about tomorrow’s plans.

This is a great opportunity for the first time African hunting safari hunter or a couple that would like to hunt african plains game species together at an affordable price. It includes daily rates and trophy fees for kudu, impala, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, and warthog.

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